Strategic Industry Alliance Formed to Pioneer Circular Manufacturing In Singapore

MOU signing - Circular Mfging


Singapore, 19th October 2023

1. Five (5) local enterprises signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) at the Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific (“ITAP”) 2023 event to form a strategic industry alliance to pioneer circular manufacturing in Singapore.

2. Circular Manufacturing represents a transformative approach that strives to create a closed-loop system where products and materials are continuously reused, remanufactured, and recycled. This approach aligns perfectly with our environmental sustainability goals, reducing the environmental footprint of manufacturing while yielding cost savings for businesses.

3. The importance of addressing Singapore's resource constraints, environmental challenges, economic diversification, and international standing cannot be overstated. Pioneering Circular Manufacturing signifies a crucial shift away from the traditional "take-make-dispose" model of manufacturing, promoting sustainability while securing our long-term economic and societal well-being.

4. The alliance co-founding members are CONTINUUM SG PTE. LTD (“Continuum”), TRITAN AMS PTE. LTD (“Tritan”), SHIN SEIKI PTE LTD (“Shin Seiki”), AME INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD (“AME”), FOREFRONT ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING PTE. LTD (“Forefront AM”).

5. The MoU aims to initiate a collaborative project to pilot circular manufacturing in Singapore by leveraging each company’s respective area of expertise. a. Continuum, who provides expertise in metal recycling and low carbon footprint metal powder manufacturing. b. Forefront AM, who provides domain expertise in Additive Manufacturing technology. CIRCULAR MANUFACTURING PRESS RELEASE INDUSTRIAL TRANSFORMATION ASIA PACIFIC (ITAP) 2023 c. Tritan, Shin Seiki, and AME, who provide expertise in metal works and solutioning, aggregating and processing metal waste.

6. This collaboration signifies an important step forward in enabling circular manufacturing in Singapore and developing our local green economy as the new engine of investment, jobs, and growth.

7. "Sustainability is increasingly crucial in global markets. Companies prioritising environmentally responsible practices gain a competitive edge, enhancing their reputation and attracting eco-conscious consumers and investors worldwide. Embracing sustainability in manufacturing unlocks exciting possibilities through the circular manufacturing model; minimizing waste, maximizing resource efficiency, and leading to cost savings, new revenue streams, and improved business resilience. It also fosters talent attraction and retention with purpose-driven workplaces. SPETA supports this industry-led sustainability initiative. We encourage more manufacturers to chart and embark on their sustainability journey. Together, we can create a resilient and responsible manufacturing community in Singapore." – Ms. Elise Hong, Chairman, Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association (SPETA)

8. “Sustainability and circularity are key to the future of manufacturing. As we strive towards a greener future, it is important for companies to adopt circular manufacturing practices that reduce waste and promote efficient resource use. By creating a collaborative ecosystem, companies can share their knowledge and resources to accelerate the development of new processes and know-how to promote circular manufacturing. EDB is pleased to witness the announcement of this partnership on circular manufacturing in Singapore. The alliance leverages the additive manufacturing expertise of our companies and not only contributes to sustainable manufacturing, but also creates new opportunities for local businesses to innovate and grow.” – Mr. Lionel Lim, Vice President & Head (Technology, Hardware and Equipment), Singapore Economic Development Board

9. “Beyond productivity and innovation, the future of manufacturing will require manufacturers to incorporate sustainability practices across its business processes. Within the local manufacturing ecosystem, we have seen an increase in the deployment of new manufacturing technologies and capabilities to reduce usage and wastage of resources. This MoU aims to support the upcycling of metal waste for additive manufacturing, and EnterpriseSG is committed to work with more manufacturers to share and contribute their domain expertise for other potential applications to drive sustainability efforts.” – Ms Anne Ho, Director, Advanced Manufacturing, Enterprise Singapore