SPETA Visit to ATC: A Testament to Excellence and Innovation

SPETA visited Applied Total Control Treatment (ATC), hosted by Mr. Marcus Sia - Managing Director (ATC), Mr. Gerry Ong - Director (GD Precision), and Ms. Vivien Tan - General Manager (GD Precision), to experience ATC’s new factory @ 24A Woodlands Loop.




ATC provides plating, surface finishing, and cleanroom services to a diverse range of industries including aerospace, semiconductor, optical and others. Their extensive expertise includes ISO 5 and 6 certified cleanrooms, ensuring high quality standards. Collaborating with GD Precision who provides precision machining and manufacturing, ATC seeks to be 1-stop service provider to their customers for precision components with sophisticated surface finishing requirements.

To challenge themselves and access new opportunities, they partnered A*STAR’s SIMTech and SIAEC for a technology transfer project and gained new competence in the metallisation of polymers. This new capability complemented their expertise in metal plating and finishing, and enabled them to support Singapore Airlines (SIA)’s efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated from discarded copper trims used in their cabin components, and significantly decrease the lead time for the replacement of such copper trims.

ATC’s journey serves as a valuable learning opportunity for many local companies, emphasising the importance of innovation, productivity, and collaboration in the industry.

For other SPETA members interested in connecting with similar industry players and partners such as SIMTech, SPETA offers opportunities for member visits and knowledge-sharing sessions.

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