SPETA Innovation Visit to HOPE Technik

Some 40-plus SPETA members visited HOPE Technik on 5 May 2023. Hosts Peter Ho (Executive Chairman, HOPE), Daniel Nia (CEO) and Chorch (CEO from sister company SESTO Robotics) led the visitors through an impressive tour of their robotics, R&D and vehicular assembly workshops.


The event was capped off with a panel discussion involving Daniel, Willy Koh (from Racer Technology), Audrey Yap (from Yusarn Audrey) and Alexandra Zhang (from Factorem) to discuss the needs, challenges and joys of innovation.  Daniel and Willy highlighted their experiences in succession planning, while Audrey gave practical advice on how to take stock and get started.   Alex also provided her viewpoints on why and how she started her B-B technology platform for connecting the demand and supply of precision parts.


The Innovation Factory of ASTAR and IPI also spoke on the range of services available to them, and what members can learn from the upcoming visit to the Innovation Factory on 26 June. See you all there!