Metalex 2023 - Metalworking Extravaganza

Opening Ceremony

HEAVY METAL...rock on

The metalworking industry remains pivotal globally, influencing sectors like automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more. Its versatility in various applications underscores its enduring importance in shaping the modern world. Additionally, metalworking contributes to sustainability through recycling and responsible resource management.

Metalex Thailand remains as one of the key manufacturing and metalworking shows in the ASEAN. Based on the organiser's latest tally, this year's edition saw more than 2,500 brands of technology and innovation across the globe. It welcomed more than 79,000 visitors across the 4-day event.

SPETA proudly participated in Metalex 2023, with 20 Singapore-based companies excelling in specialized cutting tool design, advanced machine tools, metrology, computer-aided manufacturing software, and more.

Participating in Metalex 2023 was more than just attending an industry event; it was an immersive journey into the future of metalworking and manufacturing. Coupled with learning and networking with other industry leaders, it was truly an enriching experience.

Special thanks to the show organiser, RX Global and our construction partner, Strategic Events for their unwavering support. And to Enterprise SG's officers - Si Qian TAN and Nattha Treesoon for engaging the SG pavilion and exhibitors.
Always good to know that we have such support on the ground to help SG companies internationalise!