Manufacturing Indonesia 2023

"Sampai berjumpa!"

Indonesia stands out as one of Southeast Asia's prime investment destinations, propelled by a youthful population and a burgeoning middle class that together constitute a substantial workforce and consumer base.

Throughout its history, Indonesia's manufacturing sector has played a pivotal role in the nation's economic development, contributing approximately 20 percent to its GDP. Despite the transformative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia's unwavering commitment to manufacturing and advanced technology remains steadfast.

In this dynamic landscape, with a keen eye on the future, 23 Singapore-based companies and SPETA, participated in Manufacturing Indonesia 2023.

This event showcased the latest advancements across three specialized sectors: Tools & Hardware, Machine Tool, and Industrial Automation & Logistics. The four-day exhibition (6-9 Dec) witnessed a remarkable influx of visitors, fostering meaningful exchanges between participants and exhibitors.

As we reflect on the experience, SPETA expresses gratitude for the camaraderie and insights gained from engaging with exhibitors.

We are excited to build on these connections and look forward to the opportunity to meet everyone again next year! "Sampai berjumpa!"