Learning Journey to Greater Bay, China, from 12-18 November 2023

SPETA embarked on a Learning Journey to Greater Bay, China from 12-18 November 2023, learning and drawing inspiration from the development experiences of leading high-tech enterprises, understanding the latest technological applications, and expanding opportunities for collaboration at home and abroad.

Dedicated site visits to Huawei, Tencent, Midea and Yizumi were arranged for the delegation and were enriching.

For example, at Tencent's Binhai headquarters, where Pan Xiaodong, Senior Architect of Tencent Cloud Intelligence Products, and Xia Yanna, Chairman of HuaZhi Intelligence, a strategic partner of Tencent Cloud, attended the event and delivered speeches. The group engaged in in-depth discussions on topics such as AI, cloud technology, digitization, and intelligent manufacturing, sharing insights into cutting-edge technology and industrial development trends. The visit was organized by Tencent Cloud's Industrial Internet Headquarters Base, with Chen Suzhen, the head of the base, serving as the host.