JSIT-Precision Engineering Seminar

With support from several Gen2 leaders (Belinda, Bryan, and Ting Wei), SPETA participated in today's JSIT-PE seminar at NYP. The seminar focused on manufacturing employer branding and the value proposition to employees. It featured presentations by IHRP and LinkedIn, followed by a panel discussion comprising SPETA Gen2 leaders, moderated by SPETA.

The following nuggets of wisdom were distilled from the panelists to fortify an organization's human capital core:

  • Career wayfinding: Assist employees in envisioning their career paths, aligned with business needs.
  • Empathy in policy-making: Step into the shoes of employees or colleagues to understand their perspectives when crafting policies. This approach yields significant benefits.
  • 'Blue ocean' talent strategy: Explore non-traditional sources to broaden hiring options. A welcoming and inclusive workplace environment enables access to unique talents and niche skill sets essential for the business.

In summary, adaptation and learning are crucial for growth. By fostering an adaptive and growth-oriented mindset throughout the organization, it can better confront future challenges.