SPETA Human Capital Series – Leadership and Hiring of Locals for Manufacturing Operations

1. Where can I find locals?
2. I cannot find workers!
3. Can Government support my hiring?

These questions weigh in the minds of enterprises, and many are seeking manpower solutions. As such, SPETA rolled out a Human Capital Series over consecutive weeks and partnered with Institute of Technical EducationTrampolene Ltd, Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre in an effort to channel more locals and uplift the leaders in Precision Engineering. If you had missed the sessions or would like a refresher, you may refer to specific highlights of the sessions below.

ITE Work Study Diploma – Attracting young locals to join the workforce

ITE Work-Study Diploma (WSDip) is an apprenticeship avenue for companies seeking to recruit skilled ITE graduates as part of your manpower development. ITE will work with you to co-design and co- deliver a competency-based and industry-driven curriculum to take your business forward.

Grow your talent capital with ITE Work-Study Diploma, where you can:

  • Access Work-Ready Graduates
  • Recruit, Groom & Retain Talents
  • Enjoy up to $15,000 grant per eligible trainee
  • Co-develop your workforce with ITE

Click here for more details!

ITE INTERNSHIPS – Building a sustainable pool of pipeline for locals

With strong support from industry partners, ITE’s internship programme provides our students with opportunities to learn in real work environments and helps them to better transit into the workplace after their graduation.

By participating in the internship programme, you can have access to a pool of career-ready ITE graduates, and make them envision the manufacturing sector as a preferred career choice.

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Inclusive Employment – Filling the Skills Gap with Alternate Local Talent

Growing Autistic Talent for Engineering Sector (GATES) by TRAMPOLENE seeks to identify, train and develop individuals on the Autism spectrum to becoming work-ready and secure a long-term, full-time job in the Engineering industry. These individuals are readily available, compliant and ready to learn. Provide them the task, deadline and instructions, coupled with a good-paced demonstration and they are good to start.

Visit https://www.trampolene.org/gates

Enterprise Leadership for Transformation (ELT)

The ELT programme aims to build concepts essential to business owners. Leaders will engage in an iterative process with the guidance of expert advisors and adopt growth strategies which would elevate boost their enterprise to the next level. This hands-on programme addresses SMEs’ business challenges holistically giving enterprises leaders access to valuable resources like

  1. Mentoring, 2. Networking, 3. Experience Sharing, 4. International Expansion Opportunities

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