Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit 2022


7 July 2022  Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit 2022 – Panel Discussion on “Accelerating Sustainability Goals in Manufacturing 2030”

What is Sustainability in the context of manufacturing in Singapore?

Is it a way to meet customer’s requirement?

Or is it a way to manage business costs and stay competitive?

Can it help to attract, engage and empower employees to take action?

Could it be an opportunity for different segments of the manufacturing value chain to come together with meaningful and actionable data to co-create the future?

Drawing from our panel discussion at Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit 2022 involving SPETA and 4 of our members, it is ALL OF THE ABOVE and much more.

Thank you once again to Bryan / AME International, Jie Hui / Ichi Seiki, Sing Chung / VDL Enabling, Prof. Lock / SIT & EETC, and Simon / SPETA for the interactive session.

Last but certainly not least, also to Schneider Electric Singapore for partnering SPETA for this meaningful engagement!


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