PE Industry Transformation Map (ITM) to help the industry achieve S$14 billion in value-add

Singapore’s precision engineering (PE) industry plays a crucial role in improving manufacturing processes and providing critical support for a wide range of businesses, such as the semiconductor, marine & offshore, aerospace and medical technology industries.

Over the years, the PE industry has constantly invested in automation to raise productivity. Yet, disruptive technologies are challenging existing business models. To address this, businesses will need to embrace new capabilities and digital technologies and solutions to move towards higher value-added activities.

The PE Industry Transformation Map (ITM)

The PE ITM can offer support. It identified new growth areas to help the industry achieve S$14 billion in value-add and create 3,000 professional jobs by 2020. The national plan will also prepare you for the digital manufacturing era ahead by developing complementary capabilities in robotics, additive manufacturing, advanced materials, sensors, lasers & optics.

Our local PE industry comprises modules & components, and machinery & systems.

Modules & components refers to the fabrication of components and assembly of modules. This covers the design and assembly of semiconductor equipment, electronics assembly equipment and advanced machine tools.

Machinery & systems includes key machine tools, semiconductor and solar equipment makers. It also covers activities and services that supports complex manufacturing in Singapore, such as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), specialist suppliers and contract design manufacturers.

Source: Enterprise Singapore


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