For Singapore registered companies who want effective networking with leading practitioners and respected institutions, to share knowledge and exchange information.​​

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Corporate Membership Benefits 

  • Corporate Advisory (no extra charge).
  • Operational Advisory (70% funded by Spring).
  • Operational Technology Roadmap Planning (Initiative by SIMTech at a discounted rate and 70% funded by Spring).
  • Assistance in other government funding.
  • Overseas trade show arrangement supported by government funding. SPETA applies on behalf of the member for up to 50% funding, together with free pre-trip advisory, business matching during the trip and post-trip analysis meeting.
  • Participation in placement program for ITE students.
  • Networking events and monthly FREE presentations and workshops.
  • Access to SPETA’s Young Entrepreneur Training (“YET”) Programme.
  • Access to SPETA’s Management Excellence Training (“MET”) Programme.

Corporate Membership Gives You
Full Access to SPETA Resources

Advisory Services

Corporate Advisory: No Charge
Operational Advisory: 70% Funded by Enterprise Singapore

Operational Technology Road Map

Initiative by SIMTech at a discounted rate and 70% funded by Enterprise Singapore.

Invitation to SPETA Special Programmes

- Young Entrepreneur Training (“YET”)
- Management Excellence Training (“MET”)

Industry & Incentive
Programme Updates

Be Kept Informed About the Latest Industry Developments and Benefits from Incentive Programmes.

Networking Events

Monthly FREE Presentations and Workshops. Expand your professional connections.

Assistance with
Government Grants

Get funding on capability upgrading initiatives.

Overseas Trade Show Arrangement Supported by Government Funding

SPETA applies on behalf of the member for up to 50% funding. Free pre-trip advisory, business matching during the trip and post trip analysis meeting.

Participation in
Placement Program

For ITE Students

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Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association

We are a trade association representing locally registered companies engaged in the manufacturing, services and technology of precision engineering, micro-engineering and nano-technology.