DASH is one of the three committees set up by SPETA in transforming the Precision Engineering sector towards adoption of Industry 4.0

Our Logo

The Arrow signifies that we are dashing forward in the adoption of Industry 4.0.

The direction of the arrow also signifies the transfer of knowledge & know-how from the west to the east. 


What we stand for

Digitalisation (D)

The journey of digital transformation starts from improving business processes using technology. With digitalisation, business operations can be streamlined & automated and physical assets are mapped into digital twins.

Advanced Technologies (A)

Advanced technologies such as IoT, 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) presents new opportunities for manufacturing companies to overcome previous limitations and bottlenecks.

Smart Manufacturing (S)

Smart autonomous agents such as autonomous robots can be designed to optimise operation objectives while providing flexibility and responsiveness in real-time. The data collected from both sensors and software will form the intelligence required to bring about continuous improvements in operational efficiency.

4.0 (H)

With the DASH initiative, SPETA aims to transform the 4 manufacturing pillars (production, maintenance, quality, inventory), 4 supply chain cycles (customer order cycle, replenishment cycle, manufacturing cycle, procurement cycle), 4 product life-cycle stages (introduction, growth, maturity, saturation and decline) and 4 ITM pillars (Productivity, Jobs & Skills, Innovation, Trade and Internationalisation) of our members.

Driving these
7 Strategies

Strategy 1
Deepen and diversify our international connections
Strategy 2
Acquire and utilise deep skills
Strategy 3
Strengthen enterprise capabilities to innovate and scale up
Strategy 4
Build strong digital capabilities
Strategy 5
Develop a vibrant and connected city of opportunity
Strategy 6
Develop and implement industry transformation roadmaps
Strategy 7
Partner one another to enable growth and innovation

What we want to achieve

Through the DASH initiative, SPETA will provide support for digitalisation, deepening of technical skills and innovation capabilities for members to remain competitive in the industry.