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Terms and conditions:

  • SPETA provides this service to members to highlight their developments, achievements, and other updates that are of interest to the Precision Engineering Industry.    
  • This service is not a marketing channel, SPETA has a separate programme for sponsored activities with interested parties.
  • Announcement Requests are to be submitted to for consideration by SPETA.  
  • Announcements can be Press Releases, Media Articles and Upcoming Activities conducted by members. 
  • SPETA has the absolute and final discretion to accept or decline any Announcement request.
  • The responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided is solely with the Announcer. SPETA accepts no liability for the Announcements, nor makes any endorsement of product or service should such information be mentioned in any Announcements.
  • At this time, there is no charge imposed. SPETA will periodically review this.