Employer Recognition Framework – NS Mark Scheme

NS Mark is a national-level accreditation scheme that recognises businesses that have pledged support for NS.  In order to pledge support via the NS Mark may visit www.NSmark.sg to submit the pledge online.

For supportive employers who have put in place supportive HR practices/ policies to support your NSman employees, we would also like to invite you to take one further step to attain the NS Mark (Gold).  

Annually, from a pool of NS Mark(Gold), the top tier will also be considered for the highest accolade given out to supportive employers, Total Defence Awards (TDA) – NS Advocate Award, presented by the Minister for Defence. You can visit www.ns.sg for more information on NS Matters for Employers.

 The NS Mark (Gold) Form is attached for your consideration and you can either submit online vis www.NSmark.sg or fill the form attached and return via email. There is no deadline but will be good to submit before March to be eligible for the Total Defence Award. We could work with your organisation to complete the NS Mark (Gold) form, if required.

You can also find some of the best practices on the employer website via https://www.ns.sg/web/portal/nsmen/home/employer/be-a-supportive-employers/how-can-you-be-a-supportive-employer.

After pledging the NS Mark, you may also choose to carry the NS Mark web banner on your website. You are also encouraged to carry the NS Mark logo which will be sent to you via email on your business cards, marketing/recruitment collaterals, website and social media.

Do feel free to contact Peck Kong Wah @ mobile 98180534 or email peck_kong_wah@mindef.gov.sg or Vithya @mobile 92761544 or email vithya_sharmini@mindef.gov.sg  if you need more clarifications.


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